Программа конференции


Abstracts in one of the working languages of the conference must be submitted to the conference, no more than 3 (three) pages.

Abstracts should reflect the results of original theoretical, methodological and applied scientific research.The following are sent to the e-mail address of the conference mntk@aues.kz:

1. text of abstracts prepared in accordance with the requirements in the Word environment;

2. scanned copy signed by all authors in the lower right corner of each page of the text;

3. scanned copy of the registration fee payment receipt;

4. information about each author (co-author) in the following form.

Author’s full name
Title of the paper
Conference scientific direction
Place of work or study, position
Academic degree, academic status
Contact number

The text of the abstract is made in the font “Times New Roman”.

The structure of abstracts:

  • State Rubricator IRSTI (in the upper left corner of the title page);
  • Title of the paper (capital letters, size 12, bold);
  • Authors of the paper Name, size 12, bold font, academic status, academic degree, place of work, contact details (e-mail) of authors (size 11, regular font);
  • Abstract (size 11, bold), content of the abstract (size 11, italics);
  • Keywords (point size 11, italics);
  • The main text of the report (size 11);
  • Conclusions;
  • Bibliography.

Figures and graphs should be located in the text, after reference to them, without abbreviation: for example: “Figure 1 – Title (under the figure)”. Drawings are made in Paint (Painbrush) mode. Graphs, charts, histograms are in Microsoft Excel mode, with a resolution of at least 300 dpi. Mathematical, physical, and other notations and formulas are typed in the Microsoft Equation formula editor mode, in an italic  font, and are located in the center. The formula numbers are placed at the right edge of the page in parentheses.

Materials that do not meet the above requirements, or sent later than the deadline, are not accepted.

Materials must be submitted before September 15, 2020 to the following email address: mntk@aues.kz

Abstracts submitted on time will be posted (without peer review) on the AUPET website 10 (ten) days before the conference.

Authors of the best reports (by decision of the thematic sections) will be invited to publish the relevant articles in a special issue of the peer-reviewed journal “Bulletin of AUPET” No. 4 (51) 2020.

The requirements for registration, deadlines for submitting manuscripts and supporting documents can be found on the website vestnik-aues.kz.