Organizing Committee


Head of the organizing committee:

  • Sagintayeva S.S. – Chairman, Rector of AUPET – Doctor of Economic Sciences, Ph.D., Professor;
  • Saukhimov A. A. – Deputy Chairman, Vice-Rector for Scientific and Innovative Activities, Ph.D.;
  • Akhmetova I.G. – Deputy Chairman, Vice-Rector for Development and Innovations of Kazan State Power Engineering University

Members of the Organizing Committee:

  • Ilya Iliev – PhD, Professor of the University of Ruse named after Angel Kynchev;
  • Hristo Beloev – Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Rector of the Angel Kynchov University of Ruse;
  • Ceylan Oguzhan – PhD, Professor Kadir Has Unversity;
  • Landman A.K. – General Director of CJSC “Institute for Automation of Energy Systems”.
  • Valeyeva Yu.S. – Associate Professor of the Center for Publication Activity of KSEU
  • Konshin S. V. – Vice-Rector for Academic Activities, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor;
  • Makhmutov S.K. – Vice-Rector for Educational Work, Ph.D.;
  • Begimbetova A.S.- Secretary of the Organizing Committee, Scientific Secretary, Ph.D., Associate Professor;
  • Stoyak V.V. – Advisor to the Rector on Science, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor, Editor-in-Chief of the journal “Bulletin AUES”;
  • Aliyarova M.B. – Candidate of Technical Sciences, Director of the Department of International Cooperation and Academic Mobility;
  • Satova R.K. – Doctor of Economic Sciences, Director of the Institute for Advanced Training;
  • Rakhmetova G.S. – Financial Director;
  • D.Zh. Jeksenbinov – Director of the Department of Science and Commercialization;
  • Imandossova Zh. – Director of Marketing Department;
  • Abdullina Z.A. – Director of the Department for Youth Policy, Ph.D., Professor;
  • Begimbetova A.S. – Director of the Institute of Thermal Power Engineering and Control Systems, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor;
  • Abdimuratov Zh.S. – Director of the Institute of Electric Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor;
  • Alipbayev K.A. – Director of the Institute of Telecommunications and Space Engineering, PhD;
  • Doszhanova A.A. – Director of the Institute of Information Technologies, Ph.D, Associate Professor;
  • Katkayev V. — Director of the Department of Information Technologies;
  • Smagulova G.S. – Executive Secretary of the Board of Graduate Trustees;
  • Shuebayeva D.A. – executive secretary of the journal “Vestnik AUES”.
  • Suimenbayeva Zh.B. – Chief specialist for work with external and foreign partners.