Heat Power Engineering and Heat technology

  • Mathematical modeling problems of heat and power processes
  • Heat transfer and hydrodynamics in power equipment
  • Physical and chemical processes in heat power engineering
  • Energy and resource saving in heat supply systems
  • Innovative technologies for modernization of heat power enterprises
  • Improvement of the environmental cleanliness and efficiency of power plant boilers

Industrial and environmental safety

  • State and problems of environmental safety and their solutions
  • Industrial safety of technological processes
  • Occupational safety management system

Electric Power Engineering

  • Smart Grid implementation and use for sustainable development of the electric power industry
  • RES-based electricity
  • Geo-informational models of electric networks
  • Electromechanics and electric drive
  • Power stations, networks and systems
  • Energy and resource saving in energy supply systems

Agriculture Power supply

  • Agroengineering problems, energy saving and energy efficient technologies;
  • Power supply of remote settlements, production facilities based on renewable energy sources.

Space Engineering and Robotics

  • Control systems, space navigation and communications
  • Space and special electronic instrumentation
  • Small satellites: production, operation and control
  • Applied mathematics, mechanics
  • Modern GIS-technologies and methods of earth remote sensing
  • Mechatronics and robotic systems

Telecommunications and Communication Engineering

  • Networks and systems of broadcasting and television
  • Communication, navigation and control systems and devices;
  • Modern information technologies in telecommunications
  • Telecommunication networks and switching systems
  • Machine learning in the data analysis of telecoms provider
  • Electromagnetic compatibility of radio electronic equipment

Social -economic and political development: historical experience, achievements, problems

  • Globalization and transformational processes: social-economic and political development
  • Eurasian integration: directions, achievements and problems
  • Actual problems of recent history: study problems and new discoveries
  • The system of spiritual and cultural values: a focus on youth

Mathematical Modeling and Control Systems

  • Automation of technological processes (in the energy sector, oil and gas industry, metallurgy, mechanical engineering, etc.);
  • Mathematical and computer modeling;
  • Control theory;
  • Intelligent control systems;
  • Digital technology and smart manufacturing;
  • Natural sciences, teaching methods and digital education: prospects for effective integration.

Information technology and cybersecurity

  • Digital Development: Challenges and Opportunities;
  • Topical issues of computer and software engineering;
  • Protection of personal and medical data;
  • Cybersecurity of critical objects of the digital economy and the life of society;
  • Management and audit in information security;
  • Comprehensive information security;
  • Innovative information and communication technologies;
  • Data analysis and artificial intelligence.

Knowledge economy as a factor of the higher education innovative development

  • The content and quality of higher engineering education
  • Innovative learning technologies in Higher Education
  • Applied knowledge-based innovative economics.